About the Show

The 2 Modern Dames Podcast is for…

-women 45 and over, and the very cool men who love them! Pat Jones, Mo Paraventi and podcast guests will explode the stereotype of what middle-aged or older women should be doing. The first part of the show is a gabfest between Pat and Mo, followed by advice from the one and only Marjorie Barker. Our final segment is an interview with a fascinating woman (see the Episode Guide for the names of our guests). This whole thing is made possible because we have the talented Jon Moises on board as Executive Producer.

Scroll down for details on where to find the podcast.

About Marjorie

Although she answers listeners’ questions and gives them advice, Marjorie is unfiltered and wildly opinionated – nothing like Dear Abby, in other words.

Marjorie was born and raised in Detroit. According to her husband Clay – who has known Marjorie for most of her life – she has always been outspoken and never holds back. (“Don’t ask for her opinion if you don’t want to know the real deal,” warns Clay.)

Fun facts about Marjorie:

  • She has two sons in their 30s and three grandchildren (one girl and two boys) who are the apples of Granny’s eye!
  • Her best day ever: Jan. 11, 2005 – the day she married Clay, the love of her life. Marjorie and Clay have known each other since…forever. They lived on the same block as kids, about ten houses away from each other.
  • Weirdest experience: One evening, when they were young adults, they saw a UFO hovering overhead. (And no, they had not had any “herbal ingredients” that night.) The…whatever had blinking lights – no sound – and took off suddenly.
  • Marjorie is on Facebook. Click here to visit her timeline.

Where to find the 2 Modern Dames podcast?

Thanks to our Executive Producer, Jon Moises, we’re everywhere: iTunes, Spotify and many other platforms. Here’s how you can get involved with the Two Modern Dames community of awesome women:

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Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Your input will help us grow this podcast into the entertaining, informative and inspiring audio series we want it to be. If you’d like to recommend a guest, comment on something you’ve heard or suggest a gabfest topic, get in touch with us here. We’d love to hear your voice – and maybe use it in the podcast. Feel free to record yourself on your cellphone and email the audio file to us (2moderndames@post.com).

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