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Pat Jones a.k.a. P.J. Edghill

Writer, director, brand expert

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Pat Jones (a.k.a. P.J. Edghill) started telling stories at young age. As an adult with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, that ability spread to many mediums giving her a multi-media career that includes theatre, television, fiction and marketing as she learned how to tell the stories of people and brands. Jones consistently combined marketing expertise with creativity and production experience to create unique experiences for her clients. She has produced TV shows that have appeared on IFC, Spike TV, LOGO and Oxygen. She has worked with several Fortune 500 companies including McDonalds, General Motors, Sprint/Nextel and Reebok.

In 2009 Jones returned to her roots in theatre, bringing her branding and storytelling experience to bear on her vision for productions. Her 10-minute play The Roxys and Bleu was produced as part of a 10-minute play festival at The Cell – A Twenty-first Century Salon in New York. Jones made her Off- Off- Broadway directorial debut also at The Cell, directing Bonfire Night by Joan Baker. She is a Resident artist of the Cell and a member of the Extra Mile Playwright’s Theatre in Detroit, where she has written and directed several plays, including The Women of Warrington. In 2019 she was chosen as a director to participate in the inaugural year of 48 Hours In™ … Detroit a 48-hour play festival that was a collaboration between Obie Award winning producers Harlem 9 and the Detroit Public Theatre. In 2021 Jones was asked to be a director in the Blossoming Playwrights program of the Vagrancy Theatre, which is based in L A based and has a Michigan extension.

As an African-American and a Roman Catholic who attended an all-girls boarding school in the north of England for middle school and high school, Jones considers her unique upbringing a catalyst in her character development. Her characters often reflect her multi-racial/cultural experiences and her “fish-out-of-water” status. Her short story Ophelia and Crawler was published in 2006 on AOL Black Voices. In 2017, Jones produced and directed an eight-episode fiction podcast entitled, Ovid’s Flea (www.ovidsflea.com) based on a novel she wrote under her penname, P.J. Edghill. Ovid’s Flea is available on iTunes, Google Play and most podcast distributors. In 2021 she developed a segment of Ovid’s Flea into a screenplay which was chosen to be included in ScriptRead Cycle 7 presented by Elmhurst Entertainment in New York.

Jones, who has health issues related to the grey dust from the terrorist attacks on 9/11, is currently working on a nonfiction book called Suffering Sucks and writing a screenplay on this moment in history called Who Woke Papa?

Jones resides in the University District of Detroit with family.


You can reach Pat (or Mo) at 2moderndames@gmail.com. Or follow her on social media:

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