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Maureen Paraventi

Writer, actor, musician, dog lover and PODCASTER

It’s Not Easy Being a Gemini!

As a woman who’s over 45 – ok, well over 45, Maureen Paraventi is thrilled to be part of a podcast that celebrates Women of a Certain Age. When she’s not podcasting, Mo writes fiction, nonfiction and award-winning plays. (She’s getting ready to launch a Teachable course called, “How to Write a WINNING One-Act Play.” Stay tuned.) Mo also acts and singing in stage plays and movies and she sings in and writes songs for McLaughlin’s Alley, a pop/folk rock/Irish band she co-founded with her sister, Tina.

Mo was born and raised in Detroit and moved all over the country during a career as a radio personality before returning home to the Motor City. In addition to her creative output, Mo is known for her inability to do math and her lack of direction.

Find her Stuff

The New Old Maid: Satisfied Single Women. I talked to women 40+ from all walks of life and all parts of the country to find out how it feels to have never been married in a society that promotes being partnered as “normal.” The women featured in The New Old Maid talk about independence, loneliness, finances, relationships and childhoods with incredible openness and honesty. This book makes a great gift for that awesome single woman you know. Available on Amazon.

Palm Tree Pipe Dreams (novel). This dystopian comedy was inspired by my being stuck in L.A. traffic for many hours during the years I lived there. It’s a mind-bending story of a wannabe screenwriter whose life is transformed traffic in L.A. finally reaches critical mass, and society undergoes a drastic change. Available on Amazon.

Twelve Short Plays That You Can Do for Free. My collection of one-act plays that can be performed with no licensing fees ranges from hilarious to poignant, ironic to tragic. Available on Amazon.

Monologues for Actors (that directors aren’t sick of hearing). If you’re an actor looking for audition material, a monologue from one of my full-length of one-act plays will let you shine and make the casting director’s ears perk up, because it won’t be one of the many monologues that are overused for auditions. Available on Amazon.

McLaughlin’s Alley Band. We perform pop and rock favorites and originals, along with Irish folk songs. Find us on Facebook, Youtube and at our website. Mo is also a member of the Extra Mile Playwrights Theatre, Rosedale Community Players and St. Dunstan’s Theatre Guild.


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