A Celebration of Fearless Females 45+

Hosts Pat Jones (above right) and Mo Paraventi (left) explore what it means to be a Woman of a Certain Age. In each episode, you’ll hear – and hopefully be inspired by – an extraordinary woman who is NOT SLOWING DOWN! You’ll also hear listeners’ questions about life, love, work and family answered by the inimitable, unfiltered and outrageous Marjorie in “Marjorie Lowers the Boom.”

About Pat

Pat Jones, a.k.a. P.J. Edghill, is a playwright, screenwriter, theatrical director and marketing expert. More>

About Mo

Maureen (Mo) Paraventi is an award-winning playwright, writer of novels and nonfiction, singer, songwriter and dog lover. More>

Why did we start a podcast?

Short answer: we can’t stop talking to each other! Longer answer: as women in our 50s and 60s, we’re tired of the way society treats Women of a Certain Age as if we’re invisible, uninteresting and irrelevant. More>

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